Graphic Design


I’m passionate about my career and strive to convey this in every project I take part in – big or small. This keeps me on my toes, constantly pushing my ideas and skills to the next level. I learned early on how I wanted to make a living and feel fortunate to be doing what I love each day.


I always wanted to be a graphic designer...

In fact, I can pinpoint the precise moment 13 years ago when I realized my peculiar love of smart advertisements and the endless hours I spent collaging would not be in vain.

In 2007, I chose NSCC’s Graphic Design diploma program because of their great reputation for work term placements. My decision paid off when I was selected for an internship at former Halifax agency, Impact Communications, and quickly earned a permanent place on the team. I worked there for over four years, gaining invaluable experience in both Designer and Senior Designer roles before striking out on my own.

That was nearly three years ago and I have never looked back. I love freelancing for its direct interaction with clients, and the pressure of being responsible for my own success or failure. I prefer to keep a small roster of loyal clients and enjoy filling the rest of my ‘office hours’ with exciting new projects and wedding invitation design (check out my wedding-specific company, Love Dove Studio!).