Graphic Design


I’m passionate about my career and strive to convey this in every project I take part in – big or small. This keeps me on my toes, constantly pushing my ideas and skills to the next level. I learned early on how I wanted to make a living and feel fortunate to be doing what I love each day.


I always wanted to be a graphic designer...

In fact, I can pinpoint the precise moment 13 years ago when I realized my peculiar love of smart advertisements and the endless hours I spent collaging would not be in vain.

In 2007, I chose NSCC’s Graphic Design diploma program because of their great reputation for work term placements. My decision paid off when I was selected for an internship at former Halifax agency, Impact Communications, and quickly earned a permanent place on the team. I worked there for over four years, gaining invaluable experience in both Designer and Senior Designer roles.

In 2013 I decided to strike out on my own, and began a freelance business. I’ve always been one for planning and organizing (a bona fide list-maker right here!) and thrive on the duties and responsibilities of self-employment. I love the variety in the work, the direct interaction with my clients, and the thrill of being solely accountable for my success or failure. After three successful years of freelancing full time, I grew to miss the camaraderie of the workplace – especially the back-and-forth between teammates that can help push ideas from good to great. In September of last year, I decided to move back into a more traditional role and am currently Creative Director at Electric Playground Media, a small web development company in Bedford.